How It Works


In 30 seconds we securely link to your project management software (e.g. JIRA) account with consent-based authentication and assess all tasks assigned to you. We look at your work schedule and how quickly you get things done.


We use statistics and machine learning to accurately predict when each task will be completed based on your past behavior.


We give each task an optimistic and a realistic date range for completion. See it directly in JIRA task summary or Insights report that highlights projects risks so you can reprioritize, renegotiate, rescope, reassign in time.

Alexander Radnaev

Alexander Radnaev

Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is passionate about project management after running projects in hardware, software, and data science in academia, government, and industry. He got his passion for AI from Georgia Institute of Technology and Stanford. He enjoys dancing lindy hop and being a dad.

Rebecca Radnaev

Rebecca Radnaev

Co-founder & UX Designer

Becky is a UX Designer and content strategist who's always looking for ways to get more done as efficiently as possible. Born in Wales, UK, she has worked in London, Paris, Beijing, and San Francisco.

Chad Lewis

Software Engineer

Chad is a Controls Engineer at Figure Engineering and recently graduate from CU Boulder with a Computer Science degree. When he's not working, Chad plays hockey and volunteers his time.

Peemin Chen

Software Engineer

Peemin is a software engineer at CIRES in Boulder, Colorado. She has a graduate degree in Computer Science from CU Boulder. In her spare time, she enjoys DIY projects.

Misha Behei

Misha Behei

Open Source Front End Partner

Misha is a software engineer at a biotech company. He has a degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new coffee shops.

Shanshan He

Shanshan He

Open Source Partner

Shanshan is a software engineer at a networking and analytics startup. She has a graduate degree in Computer Science from UVA. She is also a professional cat poop cleaner and dance enthusiast.

Chris Diana

Technical Advisor

Chris is an advisor & consultant with over 10 years of experience planning, managing, designing, developing and delivering quality, scalable software solutions. Currently, he leads the innovation software development team at PenLink as Director of Engineering in Boulder, CO.

Bob Ternes

GTM Advisor

Bob is a 20 year veteran of technology companies and recently startups, wearing hats such as sales (most often), marketing, and project and product management. Bob brings an entrepreneurial mindset that helps inform go-to-market process and execution, and is driven by creating valuable solutions that ensure lasting customer success and satisfaction.
Bob is excited about ETABot’s use of technology to solve the uncertainty and expense associated with planning work in Agile spaces.

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